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Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBCA) involves magnifying a single drop of blood, taken from a fingertip prick, to a magnification of 1,500 times and takes approximately 45 minutes and is recorded on a DVD. The live blood is then viewed under a microscope with a darkfield condenser which illuminates various components in the blood stream, such as the state of red and white blood cells, undesirable bacteria and fungal life forms. Although LiveBlood Cell Microscopy was invented over 80 years ago, only recently, due to the expansion of technology, has the Client been able to become involved by observing the immediate test results on a monitor with their Analyst.

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Your bloodstream is like a river. It is responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients and other life-giving agents to and from the cells throughout your body to maintain optimal health; it is often referred to as the “River of Life”. The blood is also a medium for detoxification; it delivers cellular waste to the liver and kidneys for elimination from the body. Unhealthy blood can resemble a swamp; this can be due to a poor diet, chemicals, radiation and emotional stressors. This in return can cause your cells to become malnourished, injured and/or they can turn into harmful free radicals. A swampy terrain can be a certain indication of latent or undiagnosed problems and could lead to a degenerative disease. In addition harmful bacteria and microorganisms can feed off these toxins, increasing your risk of disease. It is crucial to maintain a healthy terrain to help ensure optimal health.

WHAT CAN BE DETECTED?Using advanced technology your Analyst is able to look at your total cellular terrain to help determine your overall health. Your Analyst will be able to see how your diet and lifestyle may be affecting you. The following imbalances that can be detected through live blood are:

Acidity/Alkalinity * Adrenal Exhaustion  * Allergies *  Arterial Sclerosis *  Digestive Disorders, Malabsorption * Heavy Metals  *  Hormonal Imbalances  *  Immune System Functions  *  Liver Stress and Toxicity *  Nutritional Deficiencies *  Pathogenic Micro-organisms

Live Blood Cell Analysis is a tool that can help with early detection and prevention of degenerative diseases by uncovering early signs of these health imbalances before symptoms are felt. By following Nutritional recommendations the client will be able to see the progress they are making in a follow-up session.


Anyone who is willing to make the effort to make some change in their life for the better, whether you are ill already, would like to prevent disease or you are simply wanting to feel your best. The following is a list of conditions that some may experience or have, that could benefit from Nutritional Consulting with Live Blood Cell Analysis:

Adrenal Exhaustion*Allergies*Arthritis*Asthma*Congestion*Depression and Anxiety*Diabetes*Hypoglycemic*Digestive disorders*Fatigue*Anemia and Low Energy*Gout*Headaches*Migraines and Dizziness*High Blood Pressure*High Cholesterol*IBS*Crohn’s*Colitis*Infections*Inflammation Conditions*Insomnia and Hyperactivity*Kidney Stone*Menopause and PMS*Poor concentration ND Hearing Difficulties*Skin and Hair Problems*Weight Problems

New Live Blood Analysis – $160

Follow-up Return Live Blood Analysis – $110

Live blood analysis Billings Montana

Live blood analysis Billings Montana by Get Well with Lashell