I can not thank you enough for my health, I was on the verge of death literally. Lashell, you gave me a live blood analysis test and confirmed how bad the lupus in my body was.
The “Enriching Gifts’ products have changed my lif. I could hardly walk and was very weak. I would only take liquid foods. Now I can eat and enjoy my food. I live a wonderful life, with my two young boys. I have energy to play with them and I can even pick them up from school. These may be small things, but is is everything to a mother who lovers her children.

Loraine H.

My name is Judy….I was diagnosed with bilateral hip displasia in 2000 and have suffered chronic debilitating pain for the last several years. Suffice to say, I’ve spent much time and money seeking relief through doctors, ortho-surgeons, and medications to no avail. Being without health insurance and a single mother of three, hip replacement surgery was not an option.

In addition to the pain, the stiffness I suffered was just as unbearable. In 2007 I was no longer able to even tie my shoes. To get into a vehicle I literally had to take a hold under my knees and “lift” my legs into the car.
I made a decision to have live blood analysis and started taking a few of the products offered. Within a few weeks, I felt an amazing difference. I am not an easily swayed person, nor do I tend to go with the flow because of other’s enthusiasm. The extreme stiffness and pain I had experienced 24-7 for the last many years had definitely improved dramatically. I could tie my shoes and bend down and pick things off the floor. Something I hadn’t done in ages. I kept taking the enzymes on a consistent basis for several months and all I did was improve. I can now bend over and touch the floor flat-handed.

Judy L

In January , I was diagnosed with inflammation of the bowels, excessive bad bacteria in my intestine, leaky gut, little to none enzyme activity, as well as more food sensitivities. I had very little energy, could barely think and felt totally overwhelmed. I was bloated and in abdominal pain 24/7. I also noticed pieces of food passing through as brightly colored as they went in.
I tried several brands of digestive enzymes including the professional grade recommended by a naturopath, but nothing really worked until I tried the “Enriching Gifts Plant Enzymes”

I now have more good days instead of bad and my bad days are not as bad. I feel more clear headed and energized. Friends comment that the coloring in my face is better, my eyes sparkle again and that I even look younger. I no longer think about my digestive system since I am no longer in constant pain. I feel able to participate again in life.

I am no longer so bloated, that I have one from a size 14 to a size 10.

Donna W

While visiting my daughter in Billings, she had me get my blood work done. I had not been feeling well for some time. The blood work showed a lot of things that helped me explain why. After thinking about if for a while, I began taking some products from the Enriching Gifts line. I am starting to see some inprovements already. I am anxious to continue my path to wellness

Dyanne J.

The live blood analysis is very impressive. It’s very amazing to see what is happening in your blood. It can tell you a lot about your health. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my blood. My white cells are bigger and active now and my red blood cells are much healthier. I credit my improvements to the Enriching Gifts products and also the the colonics.

Laurie B