Aloe Ace Max™


60 Capsules per Bottle / 300 mg


Aloe Vera has been used historically since biblical times by many cultures from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Native American Indian and Chinese. It has been known for thousands of years to be one the most effective healing agents available for wounds. The modern composition of Aloe AceMax uses an exclusive world wide patented extraction processing technology to provide a superior product with respect to concentration (700,000 extra long and branched chain polysaccharides per dose) and the ability to interact with alpha and beta receptor cells. Aloe AceMax™ contains freeze dried AloeVera from the nutrient rich rind, as well as GR8CF77™, which is Enriching Gifts proprietary blend of 8 plant enzymes and 77 ionic form trace minerals. Aloe AceMax contains up to 100 times more polysaccharides than any other Aloe or juice product on the market anywhere in the world today.

1 to 3 capsules per day between meals. Can also be taken with meals