Daily Detoxification

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60 Capsules per Bottle / 530 mg


Your body is ‘potentially’ very toxic. Unless the majority of the food you eat is both ‘organic and raw’ you most likely fall into this category. Daily Detoxification may reduce toxicity that accumulates in your bowel and GI tract from consuming processed foods of any kind. Daily Detoxification is composed of a complete herbal blend that may support daily intestinal, liver, and colon cleansing and elimination. It is a mild herbal cleansing formula that is not a laxative. Remember, colonics are very harsh to the body. It’s far better to keep the body in a detoxified state than to let it become toxic and be subjected to a harsh flush.

1 or 2 capsules per day (It is not recommended to continually use this product after your Detoxification goals are met)